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The Doctor Who Saved My Life

Purpose of this letter: To thank, encourage and recognize Dr. Parker and his outstanding staff for their above and beyond performance as they uniquely touch the lives of their patients.
Dear Dr, I am now retired but during my 50 years of work I was blessed to spend much of that time building sales organizations, ending with my own General Insurance Agency. With that resume of experience I believe I can recognize a superior team of professionals at work. Your team has exhibited a high level of proficiency and friendliness which I believe is attributable to your leadership.
I am keenly aware that life is not a perfect set of circumstances void of stress, problems and heartaches. But, I believe you have been successful in creating an atmosphere in your office of patient-centric service. Whether you or your staff have had a “good day or bad day” I have always been greeted with a smile and warm welcome to your office. Kudos Doctor, be proud of what you have created.
In conclusion Dr. Parker, may I direct this personal comment to you.
We first met only a few months ago when you conducted my first examination. When you summarized the results of the dental examination you ended with a profound comment: “Ed I have detected a lump in your throat and I recommend that as soon as possible you consult with a qualified Oncologist concerning your Thyroid.”
Results of that recommendation:

  • Consultation with Oncologist Surgeon: Confirmed enlarged Thyroid–ordered biopsy
  • Biopsy confirmed 100% cancer
  • Operation: Completely removed Thyroid
  • Currently recovering from supplemental treatment of radioactive I-131 iodine
  • Prognosis “good,” because of early detection

Dr Parker, my surgeon made me promise to thank you for saving my life. Dr, with sincere appreciation and a great respect for your professionalism I thank you for saving my life. May God richly bless you and your beautiful family and your staff and their families.
Fran and I have been married for 53 years and are looking forward to, God willing, many additional years of friendship and love.
Yours sincerely, a grateful patient;

Ed B.

Extremely Satisfied with this Dentist!

I have had good and friendly dentists before but never have I had an experience where I walked away with the confidence that my total oral care was provided at the highest level and then empowered to continue the work at home. In addition, the dentist and staff are fun and friendly without losing their professionalism. I would recommend Hales Parker Dentistry to anyone at any age!

Carrie A.

Thank you for the refreshing new experience in a dental chair!

I will describe my experience with Dr. Parker and his team as being “REFRESHING!” I loved everything about being in a dental chair. Great ambiance, decor, friendly staff, great new dental knowledge! It was so pleasant. Thanks for everything.

Amanda K.

Hales Parker Dentistry gives great customer service

Unfortunately I had to have a cavity filled. Dr. Parker took pictures of my tooth before, during, and after to show me the results. He and his staff are very customer oriented and made what could have been a painful experience overall positive. He even gave me a follow up call the next business day to ensure everything was ok afterward. I highly recommend Hales Parker Dentistry.

Christopher H.

Best Experience in the Dentist chair!

Teeth cleaning and crowns while you wait. It couldn’t have been better. A thorough cleaning and treatment, and I fell asleep six times – when does that happen. More importantly, for the first time I understood why to floss and its affect on my gums (even scored). Crowns while you wait – 90 minutes later, one visit. Painless, informative, and the best experience ever in the dental chair! Thanks Dr. Parker


Great dentist and staff!!!

I’m very glad I found Dr Parker. He’s a very good dentist and his staff is very friendly. He has all the current technology and gadgetries.

Sherry P.


Dr. Parker is an awesome dentist. He’s way better than the last dentist I visited in Ladera Ranch.

Jeff H. 

It’s the first time I didn’t cry at a Dentist appointment!

Hales Parker Dentistry is AWESOME!

Nicollette M.

Had a wonderful experience.

Nicole A.

Best Dentist Experience Yet!

I had such a pleasant experience at Hales Parker Dentistry! What a great dentist and team. I’d highly recommend them to anyone! I left with awesome, clean teeth and am on the road to even brighter pearly whites, with at home bleach trays.

Kate C.

Friendly, trustworthy, and actually kind of fun.

Dr. Parker strikes me as nice, funny, and trustworthy. I have gone to his office twice now, once for a check-up, once to get a filling for a cavity. Both times the office staff impressed me as friendly and efficient, and everyone made me feel at ease despite a life-long dislike of dentists. I didn’t really know what was going on with my filling, but I was okay with that because they set up Netflix for me to watch during the procedure. I didn’t know what to expect after I went home, either, because I haven’t had a cavity since my childhood. I did not remember ever having a toothache after the numbing agent wore off. I was a little worried, but Dr. Parker called the next day to follow-up which allows for asking those things you don’t think of in the moment. I thought it was so awesome that he personally called! I highly recommend this dentist and this office.

Jamie G.

We love Dr Parker!!! Our family gives him ten thumbs up:)

We were very pleased with our experience from Lindsey’s sweet smile & greeting when we walked through the door to the knowledge & great care from Dr Parker.

Jill G.

Friendly and relaxed!

I had a wonderful experience. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Jaime J.

Best dental experience ever!

Everyone is professional, knowledgable, caring, fun & proactive. Great communication and follow through.

Carrie A.

I had a great dental checkup!

Dr. Parker and his staff were very thorough and informative about everything we did during my visit, from x-rays, to cleaning, to teeth whitening, to future dental care that needs to take place. It was a great experience and they put me at ease. I highly recommend Hales Parker Dentistry to anyone.


Cutting edge dentistry at its best!

Exceptional facilities, staff and service made a first time visit to Hales Parker Dentistry a great experience. Many thanks to Hales Parker Dentistry team!

Jon L.

Couldn’t be more pleased

Best dental experience ever.

David P.

Well done!

Killing it guys! Great first time experience

Matthew P.