Six Month Smiles

Clear Braces With Your Ladera Ranch Dentist

Six Month Smiles clear braces with a Ladera Ranch dentist Rancho Santa Margarita
Actual Patient of Dr. Parker
Imagine smiling knowing your teeth are straight, just the way you want them! Six Month Smiles is the new, innovative way to get the straight teeth you want in a shorter, more affordable treatment time.

Many adults had braces when they were younger and their teeth have shifted since then. They had a perfect smile but lost it. Many adults never had braces and have always wanted to change a few things about their smile. Most people do not want to go through 2 years of metal brackets to get the changes they want. Some people are not good candidates for the Clear Correct or Invisalign systems because they know they won’t be diligent with the trays. When you look at photos of yourself, what stands out about your smile that you like or don’t like?

Personal Experience with Six Month Smiles

Dr. Lincoln Parker is a premier provider for Six Month Smiles and has actually gone through the system himself! He had a tooth relapse after 2 years of braces and wasn’t interested in 2 years of metal brackets. He tried the clear aligner systems but couldn’t get it to do what he wanted it to do. The tooth colored brackets and wires, and more importantly the short treatment times got him to try Six Month Smiles. He was so thrilled with the results and newfound confidence in his smile that he wanted to provide that same experience for his patients as well.

As your go-to provider in Ladera Ranch and South Orange County for Six Month Smiles, the changes we see at Hales Parker Dentistry in our patients’ lives is so rewarding. Not only is it difficult to tell that you are wearing braces, the discomfort is minimal because the pressure exerted on your teeth is light and drastic changes aren’t made to the back teeth. There is no need for spacers or bands that go all the way around the teeth.

Case study for Six Month Smiles

This patient had gone through orthodontics when they were a teenager. After losing a retainer, the tooth on the upper right started to move back to where it was originally. After trying Invisalign and failing to use the trays diligently, we placed the Six Month Smiles clear brackets on. 5 short months later, we were done! That is a happy patient. The convenience of the quick timing and the aesthetics of the clear braces really won him over. The picture with the braces on is the day we put them on. The little color on the corner of the brackets is there to ensure proper placement and goes away after brushing your teeth.ceramic braces options with a Mission Viejo dentist Ladera Ranch

Who is a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Any adult who has cosmetic concerns that deal with:

  • Rotated teeth
  • Gaps in between teeth
  • Slight cross bite
  • Crowded teeth

There are limitations to the system and it is not for everyone. We are happy to provide complementary consultations if you are interested in the possibility of starting your journey to a straighter, more confident smile!

Please call or contact us today in Ladera Ranch to answer further questions or receive our free information packet on the answers to FAQ’s about Six Month Smiles if you are in the Mission Viejo – Rancho Santa Margarita area!