Oral Cancer Screening

Prevent Mouth Cancer With Your Ladera Ranch Dentist

Oral Cancer Screening Ladera Ranch - Hales Parker Dentistry Near Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa MargaritaOral cancer kills one American every hour.

We take our responsibility to screen for oral cancer very seriously. At least once a year, an oral cancer screening is required to protect your health.

Early Detection of Mouth Cancer Saves Lives

If not detected early, the survival rate drops very quickly. The mouth is the gateway to the body. The tissue and area surrounding the oral cavity has extremely easy access to the rest of the body. If cancer begins in the oral cavity, the cancer can spread to other areas of the body faster if malignant.

OralID in Oral Cancer Screening

We use OralID fluorescence technology to help in the early detection. Its specific wavelength of light can spot suspicious areas earlier. This technology helps us determine whether we need to recommend a biopsy or watch a particular area for any signs of growth or changes. We check the palate, the throat area, the cheeks, and especially the sides of the tongue.

Early detection is vital because 40% of oral cancers are found in patients that do not have the traditional risk factors.

Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening Today

We feel everyone should be screened yearly. That is why we ask this question on our health history form: when was your last oral cancer screening?

Dr. Parker and our Ladera Ranch dentist team are passionate about your overall health. Schedule an oral cancer screening today to get peace of mind. You have a team that is dedicated to providing you with optimal dental care if you are in the Mission Viejo – Rancho Santa Margarita area!