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Laser Dentistry Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Mission Viejo - Hales Parker DentistryDr. Parker and our team strive for the best in dentistry, so our patients can have the best possible experience.

Painless Gum Modification

Many times in treating your teeth, the gums will need modification. When Dr. Parker evaluates front teeth and the overall aesthetics, this is an important factor in the health and appearance of your smile. There are several causes behind altered gum lines:

  • Inflammation from bacterial infection.
  • Overgrowth.
  • Uneven height from tooth to tooth.

When the gums are bleeding and inflamed, it is difficult to complete restorations predictably and cleanly.

A laser is a great tool in these circumstances. It will disinfect the tissue by not only killing bacteria, but also by removing the diseased tissue. The best part about the laser is the limited pain and the great healing afterwards. Many patients report no postoperative pain but greater comfort due to the removal of the infected tissue.

The laser allows Dr. Parker to adjust the height of the gums to get a more uniform look throughout the smile line. Because the laser is so precise, the healing is quick, painless, and ideal. With the laser he is able to do so much more for you, the patient.

Other Uses

The laser can be used for multiple treatments:

  • Cold sores.
  • Tongue tied.
  • Large frenum attachments.

When a cold sore arises, the laser can be used in a non-cutting mode to limit the pain and shorten the healing time. Many patients say that the cold sore will come back less frequently in the same spot. This can be done without anesthetic, as the area will just feel warm for the treatment time.

If surgery is required for a tied tongue or a large frenum that is creating speech issues, the dental laser is an ideal option. A dental laser is able to slowly, and with little pain, cut through tissue and remove unwanted areas. Typically, using a laser results in a shorter healing time as well!

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