Extended Morning and Evening Hours

Couple from Mission Viejo were happy to find a walk-in dentist with evening hours in Ladera Ranch.Medical emergencies aren’t predictable. Expecting them to fall into convenient business hours is a little silly. Life as a whole is an ever-changing, often difficult thing, which requires flexibility and adaptation. And yet, most dental offices keep the same limited business hours.

We’re here to change all that. With our new extended hours schedule, we can help you with checkups, walk-in appointments, and even dental emergencies on a time-frame that is more convenient for you.

Walk In Dentist

You don’t have to have an appointment. If you’ve got a last-minute dental problem that needs dealt with, or an unexpected free moment after work, feel free to show up at the office. We are available as a walk-in dentist for anyone who needs it.

Dentist With Evening Hours

Most dental offices are open during regular business hours, and we are too. But if you have a regular-business-hour job, our hours of operation are not so very helpful for you.

That’s why we’ve decided to introduce extended hours in the evening. On Wednesdays we stay open until 7PM, Mondays and Thursdays ’til 6PM. Schedule your appointment after work, with no worries about timing or inconvenience.

Dentist Open Early

Why should you take time off work or pull your kids out of school in order to keep up with necessary dental care? Our office is open at 7AM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Not just select Tuesdays and Fridays, either. Every single one. Come in before work or class without having to stress about time.

Ladera Ranch Dentist With Flexible Hours

Ladera Ranch Dentist Flexible Hours - Hales Parker Dentistry Near Rancho Santa Margarita

Rearranging everyday life for a dental appointment, even a non-emergency checkup, is often a real pain, and it gets even harder when trying to wrangle multiple people’s schedules into something workable. Let us help you. With our extended hours and flexible schedule, you can receive the following benefits:

Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions, or to just come on in.

  • You don’t have to miss work or school just to fit in an appointment.
  • Bring the whole family to one convenient office.
  • You won’t have to live with dental pain until you get an appointment. Walk in when you need it!
  • If you’re not a morning person, good news! Come in after work instead of before.
  • If you are a morning person, you’re welcome as early as 7 A.M.!
Office Hours:
Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 7am – 3pm
Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday: 7am – 3pm
Saturday: By Appointment