COVID 19 Safety Precautions

During times like this, fear and anxiety can be a normal thing. Good information and good communication are key to limiting fear and anxiety. Please ask the questions you need and voice your concerns. We respect and love you, our family, friends, and patients.

We have taken every opportunity to make your experience with us totally safe and also ensure the safety of our team.

We thank you for your trust and support and wish you continued health and well being.

For your benefit and safety please observe:

  1. When receiving confirmation texts and phone calls, please respond and let us know any questions or concerns you have so we can best assist you.
  2. Prior to your appointment time, we would like to handle as much of the paperwork virtually as possible. Please expect some time for a phone call to handle this so we can avoid anyone in our waiting room.
  3. When you arrive for your appointment, please text 949-430-6686 to let us know you have arrived. We will text when we are ready to get you and will meet you at the building door to escort you in.
  4. Our goal is for you to minimize your risk by limiting your touch of the office. Please leave bags and other items in your car or at home. If there are charges or appointments to coordinate, we will take care of that virtually. Please allow time to take care of that over the phone or text with our team.