Cold Sore Treatment

Biomimetic dentistry is available in Ladera Ranch at Hales Parker Dentistry.
A cold sore can be an extremely painful condition. Constantly reminding you that they are there, the slightest touch can be very uncomfortable.

There are many cold sore remedies that can be found online and over the counter.  The old adage often applies that a cold sore will go away on its own in 14 days but using these cold sore remedies will make it go away in 2 weeks.

The zero-sum nature of these treatments can be frustrating, leaving many sufferers feeling hopeless once they detect the onset of another sore.

There is a different option, however. In the early stages of a cold sore or herpetic lesion, laser treatment can be effective in eliminating the pain and shortening the healing process. Early treatment can help you avoid a week of pain, embarrassment, and frustration!

How Does This Treatment Help Me?

Dr. Parker can take the laser and, without actually touching the cold sore, treat the area for one to two minutes. There is very little discomfort during this procedure. This laser treatment will provide instant relief and help the sore heal over the next few days.

Some patients have reported that the sore will recur less frequently in the same spot after having it treated. This is a remarkable side benefit, and we love to hear how this laser treatment has contributed to lasting relief!

After receiving this treatment, patients are very grateful to have the relief, especially when they can avoid a week of pain and frustration!

Skip A Week of Pain and Frustration!

This laser treatment is a fun and rewarding service to do for our patients, and Dr. Parker is happy to take a few minutes whenever you stop by to have it done. There is no need for anesthetic and hardly any postop discomfort. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it!