November Patient of the Month


Patient of the Month: Evelyn with Lynsie and Janet

Evelyn came to us earlier this year. For years, she dealt with loose, uncomfortable dentures. Eating was a burden. She wasn’t proud of the way she looked. We were able to place a couple of implants that attached to her dentures to stop them from moving. Similar treatment scenarios often take several months, as the implants need time to fully integrate into the bone. On the final day of treatment, we were able to attach her dentures to the implants for a solid fit and bite. Later that evening, I called Evelyn and she was overjoyed that she had been able to bite into a turkey burger at dinner! We were all so happy to see her smiling and to hear that she is able to chew more comfortably now with dentures that don’t move around. Biting into your food is something that can be taken for granted, but is definitely a luxury when you can’t. She said, “Thank you and your staff for everything. I can’t thank you enough, you made my life a lot better. I feel blessed finding you.” It is a blessing to be able to provide this service for others. To have a real impact in someone’s daily life is very special. Much love Evelyn!