Merry Christmas from Hales Parker Dentistry!

This month is obviously very special because of holiday traditions and increased family time. The holiday season is filled with memories and traditions that involve sights, tastes, smells, and special activities. This month, on our Facebook page and website, we will be showcasing our team members’ favorite memories and traditions. Feel free to share yours with us as well!

Some of my favorite memories of this time of year are pumpkin pies, decorating and devouring gingerbread men, my east-coast born mom feeling sad that it was always 72 degrees and sunny in December, and waking up way too early on Christmas morning. Although, my favorite tradition probably has to be Christmas eve. Each year of my childhood, we would go to my Grandmother’s cozy house and have dinner. Then, we would dress in costumes and re-enact the Nativity story. The costumes were so authentic and are still used today by a new generation of Parker kids! After the Nativity, Grandpa would somehow make some bells ring and we would all run upstairs to find presents in our stockings from Santa. It is a simple and wonderful tradition that I am so happy to share with my son now and can’t wait to continue it with baby #2 next year! Like I said, I hope you will share your favorite memories with us on our Facebook page or if you come to see us this month. It is always fun to hear other families’ traditions and maybe expand our own a bit!


-Dr. Lincoln Parker