Swollen Gums?

If Your Gums Are Swollen And Sore, Call Hales Parker Dentistry

If you are a worried Ladera Ranch resident experiencing inflamed gums or an aching tooth, you’re are not alone. About one third of U.S. adults are affected by tooth decay, according to the CDC, and gum disease plagues one in seven people age 35 to 40.1 Don’t ignore these symptoms, call Hales Parker Dentistry today…

You Know It When You See It

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You may not be able to articulate why all the parts blend in perfect harmony. But you know it when you see it. We’re talking about a beautiful smile. At Hales Parker Dentistry, beautiful smiles are our specialty. We provide tooth implants and other cosmetic dental procedures for complete smile makeovers. You may be surprised…

3-Tooth Solution For A 1-Tooth Problem?

Categories: Dental Implants
Mission Viejo cosmetic dental and tooth implants

At Hales Parker Dentistry in Ladera Ranch, we can answer your questions about improving your smile. Do you have a missing tooth? Are you considering the types of tooth restorations available? Does a dental bridge seem to make the most sense financially? If you have a missing tooth and want to restore that gap in…

Change Your Life In 4 Steps

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Healthy teeth that work as nature intended are important in order to have a high quality of life. If you have dentures, that’s difficult. At Hales Parker Dentistry in Ladera Ranch, we can help. There is no question that dentures are preferable to a completely toothless mouth, but they are not trouble free. Your mouth performs…